Come with us & go on YOGAHOLIDAYS IN MOROCCO with myyogatours!

Step out of your full day. Take a deep breath. Find yourself back in the warm dessert sand. Feel the sun on your skin. Enjoy magnificent impressions, that will never let you go again!  Trip to Morocco with myyogatours and discover deep relaxation and adventure in the same breath.

Feel Free

Janina works since 2008 independently in a practice for massage treatments and yoga. Yoga means for her, to develop your own mindfulness and to train your own body. Humour and flexible course design are among the basics for her lessons. Together with Abdoul she started 2018 myyogatours.

Abdoul is nomad and born and grown up in M´hamid. Later he works in his own small business and organized various tour groups amongst other things as camel trekking, yogatours, hikin in the Sahara. He started 2018 with Janina myyogatours. Abdoul spread Moroccan zest for life and makes every tour a special experience.


Together we make myyogatours. Our unique combination creates a symbiosis of tradition and modernity, that we would like to share with you! Discover the authentic Morocco with his beautiful country and his tradition-conscious people and enjoy the quiet moments with relaxation through professional yoga practice.





We look forward to seeing you.


Janina &  Abdoul